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Jonathan Plackett

Jonathan Plackett is a creative technologist, advertiser copywriter and art director who has 10 years worth of experience engaging mass audiences with his creative websites and apps. He has worked for 14 years as a senior creative advertiser on brands such as Orange, Tesco, Nike, Honda and Innocent. He single-handedly created Face Juggler, the world’s first automatic face swap iPhone app, downloaded 5 million times. In 2010 he made the website 'Slap Nick Griffin' which registered over 25 million slaps in 4 days, followed by 'Slapometer', which allowed voters to register their disdain for the general election candidates by slapping their least favourite. Candidates received 91 million slaps and the site was praised by The Wall Street Journal, The Times, The Telegraph, Channel 4 and ITN. He created the 'Draw and Fold Over' website for The Campaign for Drawing, allowing friends to play 'exquisite corpse' together online. Over 400,000 visitors have played.

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