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Eimear McBride

Eimear McBride grew up in the west of Ireland and trained at Drama Centre London. Her first novel A Girl is a Half-formed Thing took nine years to find a publisher and subsequently received a number of awards, including the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction, Kerry Group Irish Novel of the Year, and the Goldsmiths Prize. Her second novel The Lesser Bohemians won the 2017 James Tait Black Memorial Prize, and was shortlisted for the Goldsmiths Prize and the International Dublin Literary Award. In 2017 she was awarded the inaugural Creative Fellowship of the Beckett Research Centre, University of Reading. In a 2018 Times Literary Supplement poll of 200 critics, academics, and fiction writers, McBride was named one of the ten best British and Irish novelists writing today. Strange Hotel is McBride’s third novel.

Author Videos
Eimear McBride: <i>Strange Hotel</i>
Eimear McBride Introduces <i>Strange Hotel</i>
Author Videos
Eimear McBride: <i>Strange Hotel</i>
Eimear McBride: Strange Hotel
Eimear McBride Introduces <i>Strange Hotel</i>
Eimear McBride Introduces Strange Hotel
Praise for Eimear McBride

‘A writer for whom language is an end not a means, a beginning not an end.’

Jeanette Winterson, New York Times Book Review
Praise for Eimear McBride

‘One of the most exciting literary talents.’

Financial Times
Quotes from Eimear McBride

Never mind all this.
No listen.
I mean it.
Follow me. Follow me.’

<i>Mouthpieces</i> <div class=

‘The beginning of teens us. Thirteen me fifteen sixteen you. Wave and wave of it hormone over. Like hot flush cold splash down my neck. Spilt with new thoughts, troublesome that is and things that always must be said. Spill it out. Spill it down.’

A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing
<i>A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing</i> <div class=
Questions about Eimear McBride

Where can I read more about Eimear McBride's Strange Hotel?

To learn more about Eimar McBride's novel, we recommend this interview in the New Statesman and this Guardian review.

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Eimear McBride Strange Hotel Tour

From the multi-award winning author of the literary phenomenon A Girl is a Half-formed Thing. At the midpoint of her life a woman enters an Avignon hotel room. She’s been here once before – but while the room hasn’t changed, she is a different person now. Eimear McBride’s brand-new novel Strange Hotel is out now, […]

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Faber announces a new novel from Eimear McBride

Faber is delighted to announce a major work of fiction from Eimear McBride. Alex Bowler, Publisher, acquired UK and Commonwealth Rights (excluding Canada) from Tracy Bohan at the Wylie Agency. Publication is scheduled for February 2020. Farrar, Straus and Giroux will publish the novel in the US and McClelland & Stewart in Canada. A nameless woman enters […]

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