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Social Responsibility

As a publisher, we believe in our collective power to help deliver tangible change towards a more equal and fair society, through our publishing, campaigning, outreach and advocacy.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in championing equality, in challenging discrimination of any form and in supporting one another to advocate for fairness. Our goal is for Faber to be an organisation that is free of bias and open to all. We are an actively anti-racist organisation and encourage and support all of our staff to take responsibility for upholding this commitment.


We think of outreach as a core element of our work at Faber and essential to our own education, so that we can keep learning about the world and about ourselves.

At Faber, we encourage and support our staff to engage in outreach work and every staff member has an allocated number of days per year to get involved in this work.

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Environmental Work

Whenever we commit to a new project, we undertake to fully consider its environmental impact. We commit to focusing on doing everything well, consciously never wastefully; we do not seek growth for growth’s sake, but strive to influence and shape the world in which we live for the better.

We are dedicated to increasing sustainability across the whole business, reducing our carbon footprint and working with the entire supply chain to minimise the environmental impacts of publishing. We have an established environmental team representing all parts of the business that meets regularly to work on office-based and supply chain sustainability projects.

We annually update our environmental policy; we have a strategic printing policy and use FSC paper on every title we print. We are beginning the process of measuring and reducing our carbon footprint and digital waste. In areas where we can reduce no further, we will fully explore carbon offsetting. We have revised our print-buying and supplier selection criteria to include sustainability as a priority. Faber is actively engaged with the publishing, print and paper supply chain leaders who are developing innovative processes to help publishers achieve their environmental goals.

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