Laura Ashley

Anne Sebba
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About Book

'Laura Ashley' became a global byword for a classic English country lifestyle. But behind the facade of the family-based business that bore both her name and the mark of her taste for 'a kind of scrubbed simple beauty' - what was Laura the woman really like?

For this biography (first published in 1991) Anne Sebba drew on exclusive research and access to create a rich and nuanced portrait of a remarkable woman who became one of the leading influences on British design and marketing in the twentieth century.

Laura Ashley's driving ambition, married to her feel for colour, fabric, and brilliantly simple ideas, brought her fabulous wealth and renown. But that success would exact a price, which Anne Sebba reconsiders in her new preface to this 2013 edition.

'A moving book. Anne Sebba has written a vivid, true story... with frankness and without frills.' Sunday Telegraph

  • About Anne Sebba

    Anna Sebba is a biographer, lecturer, journalist and former Reuters foreign correspondent. She has written a number of books including Jennie Churchill: Winstons' American Mother, The Exiled Collector: William Bankes and the Making of an English Country House, Laura Ashley: A Life by Design, Enid Bagnold and Battling for News: Women Reporters from the Risorgimento to Tiananmen Square. The last three are being reissued in Faber Finds. Anne is currently writing a biography of Wallis Simpson.

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