On a Balcony

David Stacton
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ISBN 9780571295791 Format Paperback
Published 21/06/2012 Length 266 pages

About Book

'On A Balcony is devoted to the 14th century [B.C.] and the Pharaoh Ikhnaton, his sister-wife Nefertiti, the sculptor Tutmose, and the rivalry his religion of Aton brought to Egypt and its then current cult of Amon... presenting Ikhnaton's imposition of a new religion upon those who look on him as a god.' Kirkus Review

'A fascinating study in royal neuroticism.' John Davenport, Observer

'A weird, subtle and compelling novel.' Time & Tide

'What is important about Mr Stacton is his originality. We cannot guess how his book is going to develop. We cannot trace influences on his writing or fit him into any preconceived literary scheme...There is a self-confidence about his writing that has no trace of vanity.' Times Literary Supplement.