Strawberry Roan

A. G. Street
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ISBN 9780571254071 Format Paperback
Published 17/09/2009 Length 196 pages

About Book

' "Strawberry Roan", the title-part of the story, is a splendid heifer, round whose career, from her calfhood, through her various changes of ownership to her achievement of renown as a champion milker and her final return to the little farmer who bred her, are woven the fortunes of a crowd of Wiltshire folk and the troubles of the land. All are life-like people; and the rustics are stamped with the true country mark. The book abounds in vivid sketches of the life of the farm, of sport and play, of the humours of the village street and the market town, all bearing the mark of first-hand knowledge.' Times Literary Supplement

Strawberry Roan, like A. G. Street's other works, concerns life in the countryside and has at its heart Strawberry Roan, a cow that belongs to Mr Dibben, the local baker and grocer in Coombe Wallop in Wiltshire. Like Black Beauty before her Strawberry Roan's life from birth to old age is chartered and Street's rural writing brings alive the ways of the country and the troubles that were faced. First published in 1932 Strawberry Roan is a faithful chronicle of the rustic ways of the countryside.

  • About A. G. Street

    A. G. Street was born Arthur G. Street in 1892 and grew up on a farm near Wilton, Wiltshire. He was a broadcaster and writer and wrote 25 books with farming life at their centre. Perhaps his most famous book, Farmer's Glory, describes his time in Canada before he returned to Wiltshire. Another book, Strawberry Roan, was turned into a film. He died in 1966.

    A. G. Street (1892-1966) was a farmer, writer and broadcaster. His first book, Farmer's Glory, published in 1932, was an immediate success and launched him on a long and prolific writing career. Most of his books were published by Faber & Faber and it is therefore appropriate that Faber Finds is re-establishing him with reissues of Farmer's Glory, The Gentleman of the Party, Already Walks Tomorrow, A Crook in the Furrow, Strawberry Roan and The Endless Furrow

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