Septimus and the Spy Ring

Stephen Chance
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ISBN 9780571244348 Format Paperback
Published 17/07/2008 Length 148 pages

About Book

In this, the fourth and final book in his Septimus Treloar series, Stephen Chance takes the reader back to the early days of the endearing policeman-turned-parson's career, to fill his fans in on the story of Septimus's life as a young man. The setting is World War II, and Septimus has been summoned to handle a very delicate and important assignment. The details of a top secret radar device, code name H2S, have fallen into enemy hands. His mission to discover the cause of the leak removes him from the familiar world of 'honest' crime, and entangles him in the subtle and dangerous workings of wartime counter-espionage.

Before long he is chasing spies, hunting down traitors and crossing international borders in Stephen Chance's exciting and witty thriller. First published in 1979, Septimus and the Spy Ring is a brilliant send off to one of the most eccentric and charming heroes of all young adult fiction.

  • About Stephen Chance

    Stephen Chance is the pseudonym of Philip William Turner. Born in British Colombia, Canada, in 1925 to English parents, he returned to England in 1926. He was raised in Leicestershire and served in the Royal Navy as an engineer from 1953 to 1946, before resuming his education at Worcester College, Oxford, graduating in 1949. He married in 1950 and was ordained as a priest in the Church of England the following year. The father of two children, he was awarded the Carnegie Medal in 1965 for his children's novel, The Grange at High Force. His young adult series starring Reverend Septimus, written under the name Stephen Chance, was published throughout the 1970s to huge popular acclaim. He died in 2006.

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