My Gonads Roar

Richard Napier
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ISBN 9780571243945 Format Hardback
Published 06/11/2008 Length 240 pages

About Book

What's in a name? A few vowels and some consonants - or a whole new identity just waiting to burst free?

In My Gonads Roar, expert wordsmith Richard Napier rearranges hundreds of famous names to create a parallel universe - like the world we know, but funnier, ruder, and much more vitriolic.

It's a place where Jeremy Clarkson (Only Cars Jerk Me), Britney Spears (Best PR in Years), Gordon Ramsay (My Gonads Roar) and even Princess Anne (Nice Spanners) appear as you have never seen them before. (Sorry, Princess Anne...).

  • About Richard Napier

    Richard Napier has been a compulsive anagrammatist since childhood.

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