Shadow of the Wolf

Brent Ghelfi
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ISBN 9780571239580 Format Paperback
Published 18/02/2010 Length 368 pages

About Book

In the aftermath of an apparent terrorist attack, the headquarters of an American oil company haemorrhages chemical-pink smoke into the Moscow smog. A Russian army captain carrying a priceless Fabergé egg and digital evidence of horrific wartime atrocities is murdered and relieved of both these prizes. And in the snowy mountains of southern Russia, a terrorist named Abreg-who once held Volk captive in a Chechen mud pit-hatches a plan to lure him back into his grasp.

Shadow of the Wolf finds covert agent Colonel Alexei Volkovoy grieving for his lost love, Valya, and struggling to stay afloat in a world of political intrigue and underground plots. But when he takes out his anger on the wrong man, he gains a powerful enemy in the highest reaches of the Kremlin...

  • About Brent Ghelfi

    Brent Ghelfi has served as a clerk on the U.S. Court of Appeals, been a partner in a Phoenix-headquartered law firm, and now owns and operates several businesses. He has travelled extensively throughout Russia, and lives in Phoenix with his wife, a former prosecutor, and their two sons.

    He is the author of Volk's Game - the first book in the series whose main character is Alexei Volkovoy - 'Volk' for short.

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