No Fireworks

Rodge Glass
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ISBN 9780571226276 Format Paperback
Published 07/07/2005 Length 288 pages

About Book

Abe Stone is a 61 year old alcoholic with a Henry VIII fixation going through his third divorce. When he starts receiving letters from his dead mother, Evelyn, he is thrown into a late-stage identity crisis. His fourteen-year old grand-daughter, Lucille, is expelled from school and the unlikely couple embark on a quest to work out what Evelyn is trying to impart and how Abe can begin to put his dishevelled life in order. 
NO FIREWORKS is a compelling, funny and poignant story about eight extraordinary days in the life of an ordinary man who can no longer put off answering the big questions: 'what do I believe in? Where do I belong? Why is my dead mother sending me letters from beyond the grave?'

  • About Rodge Glass

    Rodge Glass is originally from Cheshire but has lived in Scotland since 1997, where he graduated from Glasgow University with an MPhil in Creative Writing. He writes for The Herald and is a regular contributor to a number of other magazines. He is twenty-nine years old and Hope for Newborns is his second novel. His first novel, No Fireworks, was published in 2005 and was shortlisted for four awards. His biography of Alasdair Gray will be published in Autumn 2008.

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