The House in the Forest

Michèle Desbordes
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ISBN 9780571217793 Format Paperback
Published 03/02/2005 Length 192 pages

About Book

In her cottage in the rain-drenched French countryside, an old woman receives an unexpected visitor: a boy whispering in an unfamiliar language, and bringing sheaves of paper, the letters and jottings of her youngest son. Some time before - and not even the locals who relate the story can remember how long - her son had done as she had told him, and left to seek his fortune on a Caribbean island. Once there, the promised wealth disastrously eluded him, and soon, not far from the old woman's cottage, the locals see a mysterious stranger, with a boy and a dog, carrying planks into the woods to build a place to live, perhaps a place to die . . .

The House in the Forest is a tantalising mystery, a gripping and lyrical meditation on love, loss and the passing of time.

  • About Michèle Desbordes

    Michèle Desbordes grew up in Orléans, France. She studied at the Sorbonne and eventually specialised as a book archivist, working in Parisian universities and also as a lecturer in Guadeloupe. The Maid's Request is her first novel, which was first published as La Demande in France to enormous critical acclaim. Her second novel, Le Commandement, is now a bestseller in France and will also be published by Faber.

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