Michael Caine

Christopher Bray
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ISBN 9780571216826 Format Hardback
Published 06/10/2005 Length 368 pages

About Book

As Christopher Bray relates in this fascinating biography, Michael Caine's story is the story of Britain during the twentieth century. Born into south London poverty during the depression-hit Thirties, Caine suffered the depredations of War as a child and wasted his energies fighting in Korea during the Fifties. Subsequently, he began his long, slow climb up the greasy pole of the acting profession with walk-ons and bit parts. But as the old order began to crumble during the Sixties, Caine's working class origins came into their own. Iconic roles followed one after the other: the old Etonian who no longer quite believes in his power to command in Zulu; Harry Palmer in The Ipcress File; Alfie; The Italian Job. In these and (literally) dozens of other pictures, Caine became to British cinema what the Beatles were to its rock 'n' roll - but unlike the Beatles he would develop his persona through a longer career. He summed up the grit of the Seventies with Get Carter, the get-rich-quick glitz of the Eighties with Mona Lisa, and was the living embodiment of John Major's vaunted 'classless society' of the Nineties - a truly world-class British movie star.
  • About Christopher Bray

    After dropping out of school at 15, Christopher Bray worked for eight years as a typesetter and designer, before resuming his studies in the University of Warwick's department of Film and Literature.

    He has since written on movies, books, music and paintings for the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Times, the TLS, Literary Review, the New York Times, the New Statesman and The Word.

    The author of Michael Caine: A Class Act, a book the renowned film critic David Thomson described as "Excellent... Bray has thought hard about this man, and he has a fascinating story to tell", he lives in

    south-east London.

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