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Kinky Friedman
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ISBN 9780571196418 Format Paperback
Published 01/02/1999 Length 224 pages

About Book

It's the last week of December, a brooding time of year even for a hip, sardonic, New York cowboy / private eye. When an ex-Texas Jewboys guitarist comes to crash Kinky's gloom turns to horror when his 'housepest' gets savagely murdered in the shower, his loft gets pumped full of lethal gas, a dismembered doll shows up in the mail and deadly accidents start befalling other members of the guerrilla country-music band. Someone is killing the Jewboys of Texas. Kinky stalks the killer, armed only with an attitude and a cigar, aided and obstructed by a now-familiar crew: Winnie, the lesbian dance teacher; Cleve, the flipped-out ex-manager of the Lone Star; Dylan, who speaks in song lyrics; McGovern, the herculean journalist; and Ratso, his raffish Watson.
  • About Kinky Friedman

    Kinky Friedman - commonly known to his many fans as 'The Kinkster' - first found fame as the lead singer of the country-and-western band 'The Texas Jewboys'. He is also the author of a series of highly acclaimed detective stories, featuring himself as the wise-cracking, cigar-smoking, cat-loving sleuth. He populates his novels with many of his friends and associates, portraying them (to their great delight) as villains, cheats and con-men. In the words of the great Willie Nelson, he is the 'best whodunnit writer to come along since Dashiel Whats-his-name'. Kinky Friedman lives in a trailer in the South Texas Hills with two dogs, two cats and Dilly, his pet armadillo.

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