Projections 2

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ISBN 9780571168286 Format Paperback
Published 01/11/2002 Length 400 pages

About Book

Projections 2 highlights Robert Altman, whose film The Player restored him to his proper place in cinema's pantheon. Actor Tim Robbins, who memorably incarnated Griffin Mill in The Player, has written, directed and acted in Bob Roberts, the script of which is printed here in full. And another actor, Willem Dafoe, describes how he approaches his craft.

There are also pieces by Belgian director Jaco van Dormael, New Zealand director Alison Maclean and Australian director George Miller, who charts the journey he has made from Mad Max to the (then) eagerly awaited Lorenzo's Oil. Finally, Bertrand Tavernier's diary records the evolution of his controversial film L627 against the shifting European cultural landscape.

  • Edited By: John Boorman

    John Boorman was born in London in 1933. After working as a film reviewer for magazines and radio, he joined the BBC in 1955 as an assistant editor, and later directed a number of documentaries. His first feature was 'Catch Us If You Can' in 1965. His latest film, Country of My Skull, opens in 2003. He is a five-time Academy Award-nominee, and was twice awarded Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival for Leo the Last (1970) and The General (1998). He is the author of Money Into Light: The Emerald Forest - A Diary, as well as the being the co-founder and editor of Faber & Faber's long-running series Projections: Film-makers on Film-making.

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