Independent Alliance

The Independent Alliance is a global alliance of eleven UK publishers and their international partners who share a common vision of editorial excellence, original, diverse publishing, innovation in marketing and commercial success.

The eleven Independent Alliance publishers are:

Faber and Faber provides the sales force and administrative team for Independent Alliance publishers and from March 2008, The Book Service Ltd. (TBS) became the sole distributor.

In 2006 the Independent Alliance announced a range of exclusive benefits for its independent counterparts in bookselling, including increased terms, point of sale and dedicated promotions on titles from leading authors, aimed to help them promote their businesses and boost sales. Together, the publishers and booksellers are a unique umbrella organisation representing shared core values - Independence, Integrity, Quality and Range - in an increasingly centralised marketplace.

Faber and Faber was awarded the IPG's inaugural Independent Publishing Awards 'Nielsen Innovation of the Year Award' for its Independent Alliance of publishers initiative.

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