Edition: Paperback
ISBN: 9780571238156
No of pages: 368

Other Editions: Paperback

Turned Out Nice


From 'one of the best science writers we have', a stark and authoritative vision of Britain after a century of global warming.

This book is a precise and fiercely honest projection of what we know about climate change into the future of one small corner of the planet: the islands of Britain and Ireland. Kohn looks closely at six landscapes and one city to show how our world will have altered over the course of the century.

These islands will, compared with the parched Mediterranean lands, let alone a devastated Africa, be fairly benign places to live.

But we will have paid a terrible price for our relative good fortune. Our parks will be arid brown fields; private automobile use will be unheard of; water will be severely rationed; significant stretches of our beloved coastline will have been sacrificed to the sea. Some of our flora and fauna will have vanished; exotic animals and pests will flourish. Vast numbers of marginalised human migrants will be here. Surveillance and restriction of our movements will be taken for granted. Walking in what is left of the countryside will be nearly impossible. Terrible summer fires in our upland areas will be commonplace.

This is a report from the near future that we cannot afford to ignore.


Categorised as: Non-fiction
Sub-categories: Popular Science
Genres & Themes: Dystopia; Global Warming; Cities; Polemicists; Scientists; Environment; Globalisation

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