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The World is Ever Changing


Nicolas Roeg began as a cameraman, working for such masters as Francois Truffaut and David Lean. His explosive debut as a director with Performance established an approach to film-making that was unconventional and ever-changing, creating works such as Don't Look Now, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Bad Timing, Insignificance, and, more recently, Puffball.

Having now reached 80 years of age, Roeg has decided to pass on to the next generations the wealth of wisdom and experience he has garnered over fifty years of film-making.

'There are constellations and stars shining within them, but for me none burned brighter than Nic Roeg ... the films from Performance to Eureka are at least on a par with the giants of movie-making anywhere in the world ... fierce, uncompromising, iconoclastic, dazzlingly original, he is British film’s Picasso.' Danny Boyle


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