Edition: Paperback
ISBN: 9780571260621
No of pages: 304

Other Editions: Paperback



Four friends, one weekend, gallons of whisky. What could go wrong?

Driven by amateur whisky-nut Adam, four late-thirties ex-university mates are heading to Islay - the remote Scottish island world famous for its single malts - with a wallet full of cash, a stash of coke and a serious thirst.

Over a weekend soaked in the finest cask-strength spirit, they meet young divorcee Molly, who Adam has a soft spot for, her little sister Ash who has all sorts of problems and Molly’s ex-husband Joe, a control freak who also happens to be the local police. As events spiral out of control, they are all thrown into a nightmare that gets worse at every turn.


Categorised as: Fiction
Sub-categories: Crime & Thrillers
Places: Scotland
Genres & Themes: Road Trip; Hedonism; Whisky; Meltdown; Decadence; Self destruction

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