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ISBN: 9780571290321
No of pages: 288

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Secrets of the Conqueror


HMS Conqueror, five thousand tons of nuclear-powered menace, is Britain's most famous submarine. It is the only sub since World War Two to have fired its torpedoes in anger, and the only one to have sunk an enemy ship. Conqueror's sinking of the Argentine cruiser Belgrano made inevitable an all-out war over the future of the Falkland Islands, and sparked off one of the most controversial episodes of twentieth-century politics. Did the Prime Minister Mrs Thatcher deliberately sink the ship, killing 323 men, simply to scupper peace proposals which would have averted an all-out war in the South Atlantic?

The political controversy was fuelled by a war-diary kept by a naval officer on board HMS Conqueror, and as a young TV producer in the 1980s Stuart Prebble scooped the world by locating the diary's author and getting his story on the record.

But in the course of uncovering his Falklands story, Stuart Prebble also learned a military secret that could have come straight out of a Cold War thriller. It involved the top secret activities of the Conqueror in the months before and after the Falklands War, and was a story with international repercussions which went far wider than the sinking of the Belgrano.

Prebble has waited for thirty years to tell his story, and in Secrets of the Conqueror, he finally does so. The revelation of what these brave submariners did before and after the war in the Falklands is one of the great British military success stories, which has been buried under layers of official secrecy for three decades.


Categorised as: Non-fiction
Sub-categories: History
Places: Argentina; Falklands
Genres & Themes: Secrets; Politics; Diplomacy; Maritime; Controversy; Government; War; Conflict

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