Edition: Paperback
ISBN: 9780571249169
No of pages: 884

Orchestral Performance


In some ways it is easy to conduct a professional orchestra. If your technique is ropey or your ear less than acute, the players can usually make up for it and produce some sort of performance. But in front of a youth or amateur orchestra the conductor has to show an immensley greater knowledge of playing techniques and organizational ability. After all, most young people are taught to play as soloists - employing different methods and techniques - even though only a tiny fraction of them will ever perform alone. The conductor needs to know in detail how to put things right, not just when. Christopher Adey's book is the first guide to this central area of music education.Written in a lively and authoritative style, this is a book that will be read by instrumental teachers and young musicians, those in charge of youth orchestra organization throughout the country, and the large number of aspiring conductors who are set loose on the young orchestras of the world.

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