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ISBN: 9780571243815
No of pages: 218

From Mouths of Men

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From Mouths of Men (Faber, 1976) is the culmination of George Ewart Evans’s studies in oral history. It rounds off and complements the author’s previous book, The Days That We Have Seen - which dealt with ‘the country’ and ‘land and sea’ - by applying the same methods to ‘the town’ and ‘mining’. The result is a valuable extension of the oral history technique, giving authentic pictures of the lives of domestic servants, business methods at the beginning of the century (there is a vivid contribution by Lord Rhodes), horse-transport in a small town (Aldeburgh when it was a fashionable watering place), clothes of the period, and the hard life of the miners in Wales.

Widely acclaimed as classics, George Ewart Evans’s pioneering books on oral history have been as avidly read as the great diarists and chroniclers of the past, by a succession of generations. The book is illustrated by a remarkable series of photographs and vivid black and white line drawings.


Categorised as: Non-fiction
Sub-categories: History
Genres & Themes: Faber Finds; Community; Oral History; Identity; Farming

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