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Inanimate objects take life and animals speak in T. F. Powys’s collection of fables, which was first published in 1929: a dish-cloth and an old pan, lying on a rubbish heap, discuss the emotional intricacies of the household that has discarded them; the efforts of a determined spinster to marry off all her furniture end in tragedy; a rabbit takes advice from a viper to avenge the death of her son. Set in the Dorset countryside that also inspired Powys’s novels, these are tales of morality, original and surprising, as all good fables should be.


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I'm All Right Jack
Alan Hackney

After an undistinguished career at Oxford, Stanley Windrush wanders from one escapade to another in the world of paid employment. The unwitting cause of an ...

Innocent Birds
T. F. Powys

The action of T. F. Powys’ blackly absorbing, deeply characteristic Innocent Birds unfolds in the English croft of Madder, an ostensibly sleepy and settled milieu ...

Mark Only
T. F. Powys

‘Heavy clouds darkened the Dodderdown Church one Sunday in December. There was a baptism in progress that afternoon.’ A little later on, ‘What name?’ he ...

Mockery Gap
T. F. Powys

Mockery Gap is the story of a tiny village on the coast of England, and a series of events arising out of the complex currents ...

Mr. Tasker's Gods
T. F. Powys

Mr Tasker’s Gods was T. F. Powys’s first novel. Written during the First World War it wasn’t published until 1925. It is ...

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