Katherine Rundell

Everyone tells Sophie she was orphaned in a shipwreck. But Sophie is convinced her mother also survived. When no one believes her, Sophie sets out to prove them wrong. On ...

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The Faber Book of Nursery Stories

A Bona Fide Children's Classic

First published in 1966, this bedtime classic has been lovingly restored with wonderful illustrations by Shirley Hughes. With old favourites like Thumbelina and the Three Billy Goats Gruff, and many more lesser known reading treasures, it's a treat to read out loud and perfect for children's bedtimes. It's a classic!

The Lost Gods

The Frost Giants are Coming!

The Horrid Henry author follows The Sleeping Army with a new book, The Lost Gods. Freya thought she'd done her bits for the gods, but now they're in London and they need worshippers in order to reclaim their powers. But religion might not be enough, it's celebrities who seem to get a lot of worship. The gods need fans. But that means becoming celebrities, and the Frost Giants are coming!

Atticus Claw Breaks the Law

Your New Favourite Character

Introducing Atticus Claw, the world's greatest cat burglar - who also happens to be a cat! The first in a hilarious new series from Jennifer Gray, Atticus Claw Breaks the Law is funny, fast-paced and full of adventure. Perfect for ages 7-plus.

Frost Hollow Hall

Some Ghostly Goings On

10 years ago Kit Barrington fell through the ice at Frost Hollow Hall and drowned. As she plunges into the icy water, Tilly thinks she's made the same mistake, only to be saved by the ghost of Kit himself. Entering service at the house to find out more, Tilly starts to suspect there might be more than one ghost haunting Frost Hollow Hall. A stunning, snowy Victorian novel for the 8-12s from a fabulous new writer.

For Readers Aged 7-plus

You, Me and Thing

Ruby and Jackson get the surprise of their lives when they discover a Thing living at the bottom of their gardens. But Thing is cute, and funny, even if sometimes when he's upset he gets a bit ARRGHH! Following run-ins with Dreaded Noodle-Doodles and Jelly Babies, they now must face the Loch Ness Lilo!

Our Favourite Hamster's Official Website

Don't miss Humphrey the Hamster's brand new website, which is packed full of FUN-FUN-FUN things to do! Play his new game, catch up with his latest diary entries, check out his new books, and even vote for your favourite pet pictures!

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