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Battling for News

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Anne Sebba presents a compelling history of the struggles of women to be admitted to professional journalism and so obtain the right to report from places where they were felt to have no place - most notably, war-zones. Sebba, herself a former Reuters reporter, recounts the evolution of the woman reporter, from Miss Wreford during the Risorgimento and Lady Florence Dixie at the Boer War, through pioneers such as Virginia Cowles and Martha Gellhorn, to the recent heroics of Marie Colvin, who is remembered in a new preface to the most recent edition.

New Preface

Please note that there are two editions of Battling for News available. The most recent edition (isbn 9780571302369) includes a new preface by the author.

Praise for Battling for News

'Faber is to be applauded for re-releasing this superb 1994 history of women reporters through its Faber Finds series ... with Sebba's new preface, highlighting particularly the appalling case of Lara Logan, sexually assaulted by a crowd while covering the uprising in Cairo. Sebba's history of women reporting abroad is a more positive one, though, tracing the careers of journalistic stars including Martha Gellhorn and Rebecca West, as well as the less well-known but no less heroic Clare Hollingworth (who used her smaller size to good effect to help squeeze through a crowd to a much-needed phone box), and Peggy Hull, the only woman to "approach professional recognition" during the First World War, when female reporters were not allowed accreditation.' Lesley McDowell, Independent on Sunday

'An important book because it contradicts the myths that is it harder for women to work in difficult situations; that women only report the hospitals and orphanages side of war; that it is easier to get hired in the first place.' Janine di Giovanni, Sunday Times

'Admirable [and] well-researched.' Jeremy Harding, London Review of Books

'Sebba presents a coherent picture of women fighting not only for their own rights but for the rights of newspaper readers.' Roy Greenslade, Guardian


Categorised as: Non-fiction
Sub-categories: History
Genres & Themes: Faber Finds; War; Reportage; Women; Journalism; Gender

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