Mick Jackson

Mick Jackson is the prize winning author of the novels, The Underground Man, Five Boys and The Widow's Tale. He also published, with the illustrator David Roberts, two acclaimed curiosities, Ten Sorry Tales and Bears of England.

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Books by Mick Jackson

Bears of England is another eccentric delight from the author of The Underground Man and Ten Sorry Tales , with illustrations by David Roberts .

Featuring bears in chains, the circus bears ...

Something strange is going on in the village. A dead pig is carried through the lanes in a coffin, a heap of signposts are buried in a field and a ...

From the author of The Underground Man and Five Boys comes a rare, dark and remarkable collection of stories.

Ten Sorry Tales is a strange beast: a book of bones ...

One of the most acclaimed novels of recent times, Mick Jackson’s debut is the fictionalised diary of a deeply eccentric English aristocrat.

The duke has just completed a network ...

A newly widowed woman has done a runner. She just jumped in her car, abandoned her (very nice) house in north London and kept on driving until she reached the ...

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