Edition: Paperback
ISBN: 9780571229406
No of pages: 320

Other Editions: Paperback

Amazing Disgrace


Amazing Disgrace is the sequel to the hugely acclaimed Cooking with Fernet Branca - and even funnier. It follows the further adventures of hero Gerald Samper, the man described in the Sunday Timesas ‘a wonderfully over-the-top comic creation’ and in the Independent on Sunday as ‘an insufferable snob and a bourgeois buffoon’.

Gerald is a ghostwriter to the illiterate stars, from rock singers and racing drivers to ski champions. And to Millie Cleat, the monstrous one-armed sailor, whose around-the-world voyage has made her the toast of Britain, and who has become the poster-girl for the Deep Blues, a mystical environmental group.

Gerald pines for greater things, however, and would prefer to write the memoirs of Max Christ, the celebrated conductor. While he schemes to land this unattainable catch, he muses hilariously and viciously on the world of which he is such an unwilling part, looking out from his Tuscan hilltop and pining for his neighbour Marta, offspring of a crime family from Voynovia, who disappeared one day into thin air.

Meanwhile, some oceanographers are planning revenge on Millie Cleat for her destruction of their greatest coup - and Gerald convinces her that she has seen the face of Neptune in the depths ...


Categorised as: Fiction
Sub-categories: General Fiction
Places: Tuscany
Genres & Themes: Misadventures; Comedy
Characters: Gerald Samper

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