Adrian Tomine on his first cover for The New Yorker


In celebration of the paperback edition of Adrian Tomine’s brilliant New York Drawings, we’re revisiting his piece on creating his first cover for The New Yorker, published on faber’s blog, The Thought Fox. Read the full article, including initial sketches, here.

“In 2003, after I’d been drawing illustrations for the inside of The New Yorker for a few years, I got a call from [art editor] Françoise Mouly. Françoise is basically (in consultation with editor David Remnick) in charge of the magazine’s cover every week, and she very kindly told me that she’d be open to me submitting proposals to her. I think at that moment, a more ambitious, professional illustrator would’ve dropped everything and begun inundating Françoise with sketches. But I was very intimidated by the thought of doing a cover, and for reasons probably better explained by a psychologist, I let almost a year pass without so much as responding to her invitation.”

Adrian Tomine_initial_sketch