Ebooks & Digital

The launch of the Amazon Kindle in the UK means more ebooks available, and more devices to read them on. Faber has over 1,500 of its titles on ebook, including all of our new releases. We're in the process of digitising much of our backlist (over 3,000 titles) and we hope to have these available soon.

We do not sell ebooks (apart from Faber Finds - see below) directly from the Faber website but you should be able to find Faber ebooks at the following UK booksellers:

If you are looking for a particular title but are unable to find it, please contact us at gasales@faber.co.uk.

Faber Finds Ebookstore

You can now purchase many of our Faber Finds books to download onto your e-reader. We've partnered with Firsty Fish to make over 200 titles available on launch, and we're adding more books all the time. Click here to see all the titles available.